Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Madeline's New Blog: The Adventures of Little Miss Madeline

I've never been much into the blogging thing, but seeing the ease with which you can post their pictures, videos, stories, etc. to the world, I think I now have finally seen the light. I've enjoyed using Snapfish, but now that we have a video camera and I plan to post video, I feel like I need a more versatile way to share everything. But I can't decide if I should do it this way or not, so here is my trial version!

Just FYI, you can click on any of the photos in this blog (below) to see them bigger. You can also right-click on the photos to save them to your own machine so you can print or do whatever you want with them. To see the videos, just click (twice) on the arrow in the video screen and the video should begin to play. If you'd like, feel free to bookmark this address so that you can easily come here in the future (this is the address I will probably keep). Have fun!


Madeline can now sit up all on her own!!!!

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Madeline was suddenly able to sit up on her own practically overnight! This is the way she prefers to play with her toys now; she gets frustrated when we have her laying down. I just can't believe how big she's getting!

Madeline's Bath Time!

Click twice on the arrow above to see the video! Here is Madeline getting her bath at around five months old (when Mike was in town).

Video - Madeline with balloon

Madeline just loved playing with this balloon!