Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Madeline's first time going up stairs!

Today Madeline figured out that she could go up stairs! She was a little hesitent at first. She kept trying and giving up for a while, not quite able to figure out how to balance all the limbs the right way. But slowly but surely, and with lots of breaks between each step, she figured it out!

Now Mommy needs to get some gates on the stairs. Fun fun!

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Madeline the Bow Model!

Yes...yes... Madeline's mommy is obsessed with making bows for her. I just think they are so cute! I have been making lots of flower and ribbon bows lately - so many that I decided to get rid of some, so I signed up to sell some at our community center craft fair at the end of October. I'm kind of nervous for it, so wish me luck! I'm trying to get a bunch of pictures of the bows that I can display, so a lot of the pictures of Madeline I take in the next few weeks will probably be these kind of bow modeling shots!

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Madeline's First Boating Trip!

This last weekend, we went to San Antonio to go hang out with James' buddy Thad (they've been friends since they were little kids in Oregon), his girlfriend Cindy, and his son Dakota. We had a total blast! They took us boating, which I haven't done for years - not since my parents sold our boat we had growing up. So we absolutely loved it! They had a super fast jet ski we got to ride, and we rode behind the boat in this tube/lounge-chair thingy they had. It was so nice to be out swimming in the water as well - perfect temperature!
Madeline even liked it! She liked standing up inside the boat and looking around at all the water. She looked so funny in her big life jacket! She was a bit top-heavy and kept flopping over! Unfortunately, she fell one time and skinned up her nose. It's a pain in the butt now, because she keeps rubbing her nose on furniture and on me and opening up the scab over and over again. It's a full-time job, just keeping her from bleeding everywhere, since of course, it's impossible to keep a band-aid on her without her ripping it off after five minutes. So much fun!