Sunday, June 6, 2010

My "School's Out" Summer Cake

We had a party for all the neighborhood kids on my street last Wednesday for the last day of school. Ricky and Alyssa, the kids I watch after school till their mom gets home from work, had been asking if we could make a special treat for the last day of school. I saw this cake in one of my Family Fun books and thought it was pretty cute, so I decided to try and make it. But then I got thinking, this is too much cake for just us! I need to invite some more kids over! So then it just blossomed into a big party. We played water games and had a water fight in my back yard and the kids at popsicles, cake, and ice cream. It was pretty fun! Madeline and Jax loved pretending to be one of the big kids. The cake turned out cute, don't you think?


Crafting is my Therapy said...

I LOVE the cake! What a cute idea. How fun to have the neighborhood kids over! I wish I lived on your street. For more than just the School's out party!

Caleb and Elizabeth said...

What a cute cake you made. Love it!

Jen said...

Super cute cake! I may have to steal the idea some day :)