Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jax eating!

Jax is really coming around in his eating! It's been so frustrating trying to feed this meal after meal and have him just purse his lips, turn away, and spit everything out - for months! Anyway, he's about to turn 9 months and I've been planning to talk about all this at his 9 month appointment with his doctor, but then he suddenly wolfed down two jars of food the other night! And not only that, but he seemed just ecstatic about it in between each bite! I was so excited I had James get a little bit of it on video. You can hear Madeline in the background too. This was a big moment for us!


Courtney said...

That's great! Has it continued?

We had a pretty short spell of baby food...for about a month he's been happily eating it (we had to stop from months 7-9 because of reflux) and now he's discovered that real food is much better and is refusing it most of the time. So frustrating....hope he keeps it up!

melissa said...

yea Jax! see-all the worrying and now it's no big deal yes? :) (as long as he's still doing it)

Brenna said...

I think my favorite part about the video was Madeline! She had me cracking up! "I wanna see!" and then the "Yeah jaxy!" So stinkin cute!

Gwen said...

This video is sooooooo cute! Jax's little kicking, smiling, and just being excited just makes me grin from ear to ear! I'm so happy for you Lisa! What beuatiful children you have. Madeline is getting so big! I can't believe that was her talking in the background... I can't belive I havn't even MET your children. Maybe someday. Are you planning on moving back to Utah ever? I sure hope so. 2 years 8 months and we'll be back (can you tell how excited I am to go home... yes I'm counting down by months!) Thanks for sharing!
Love you and miss you!