Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Matt - The Undateable

Ha! This is so perfect. So my brother Matt is going to be in a new book coming out called "The Undateable." The book is coming out in February 2010 and is apparently going to be a humorous book about the things men do, wear, and say when it comes to dating/attracting women. My other brother, Mike, took this picture of Matt and had it posted on his Flickr site. The authors apparently saw the picture and wanted it for their upcoming book so they contacted Mike and asked for permission to use it. Mike, of course, said yes. A million times, yes. I'm sure all my brothers could have donated many other pictures to the cause. Congrats, Matt! What an honor.

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Gwen said...

SOOOOO cool! You will for sure have to remind me when the book comes out so I can get a copy... even though I won't be using it... I guess I can give it to my little brother or something. I totally want to support him. That's even more fun that HIS picture is going to be on it! LOL! Tell him congrats for me. I sure miss your family... *sigh* it's amazing where life takes us isn't it? How is Texas? You should post something about the city and culture there. I'm totally interested in how you like it there. How's James job? How are you liking being a stay-at-home mom? It's been a challenge for me the last 6 months or so, but I have some friends in the ward helping me through it. Love you!